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Nami Island B course

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Rail bike


Ride rail bikes along the beautiful waterway of Bukhangang and enjoy the thrilling experience of passing by railroad bridge, and create beautiful memories and romance along the 7.2KM section that consists of Sikdo Gyunggang – Gapyeong Railroad Bridge – Gyunggang, which is known to be the best course in Korea

Nami Island


Thanks to the former president of the Bank of Korea who planted trees on the barren land, the artificial island has been transformed into a "creative tourist destination" in Korea, Visiting more than 5,000 tourists a day. Thanks to the drama producer, this island became more popular and became the leader of Asia. When you get off the ship and enter the island, you will find the road lined with pine trees on both sides, the Metasequoia Road, which was taken by the main characters of Winter Sonata, is exotic, and the Central Plaza is fantastic as if it were a golden carpet in autumn. Also, the path of the birch tree and the reeds along the riverside make a beautiful memory by walking in the hands of the loved one.


  • Metasequoia Road

    The most beautiful and longest walking route on Nami Island. Think of a scene in the drama Winter Sonata and become the main character.

  • A state of Winter Sonata

    It is a place where the two main characters of the hit Korean drama Winter Sonata are made into statues and displayed. Why don't you make a promise of love and take a photo under the statue with your beloved lover?

Petite France


As you can see in the fairy tale, Petite France, a small French town, has a concept Flowers, Stars, and Little Prince. Petite France is a French-style village with a youth training facility (Goseong Youth Training Center), which consists of French-style buildings. Visitors can experience French culture while staying.

Travel details

A vehicle for 1 day cost

$320 per 10 hour 1 car (Maximum of 7 passengers available)

* VAT is separate if cash receipt is required.

- Extra cost guide

Admission to Petite France ($10), Admission to Nami Island ($13), Admission to the garden of Morning and calm ($9)

Trip itinerary

  • Pick-up in front of the hotel

  • Gangcheon rail bike

  • Nami Island & Lunch

  • Petite France

  • Arrival in front of the corresponding hotel

* The course can be changed after consultation.

* When applying for a guide, separate the guide fee is required.

the process of applying for travel

  • Selection of travel, Representative name, The number of people, E-mail, selection staying accommodation and meeting place
  • Checking the reservation on the hompage
  • Meet the travel agent in Korea and show your reservation and enjoy the trip after paying
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