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Sunshin studio is the first public-private joint drama theme park in Korea where Nonsan-city provided the site and infrastructure. Also, the drama production company, Hwa&dam Pictures and TV production company, SBS A&T jointly invested in this film studio. Sunshine studio will serve as a production infrastructure for film industry by utilising it ad a modern-age filming location. In addition, it aims to have the best complex cultural space with various educations, exhibitions, and facilities to experience. It will contribute in making Nonsan-city ad a new popular tourist attraction!


Travel details


  • Beware of safety accidents when you visit with children.
  • No smoking except in smoking area.
  • Do not touch or destroy props and exhibits.
  • Discard trash only at specifiled places.
  • No Pets allowed. (Only guise dog is permitted)
  • Keep out of : 'Warring signs'.
  • Viewing time : approx. 1 hour

* CCTV is installed and operated in key locations for your safety and crime prevention.

- Opening Hours

10:00~ 18:00 / Last Enterance at 17:30 / (+82) 1811-7057

- Admission Tickets

Category Type PRICE(₩) Description
Prices Adult 7,000won Free for Baby (Under 36 months young) *Childern : 3-12 y/o
Student 5,000won
Children 3,000won
Group(20+) Adult 6,000 won * Weekdays only
Student 4,000won
Children 2,000won
Nonsan Cizitzen Adult 4,000 won * Proof of Citizenship should be presented whep purchasing a ticket.
Student 3,000won
Children 2,000won
Senior 2,000won
Disabled Adult 4,000 won Related document holders only. (Discount for one companion)
Student 3,000won
Children 2,000won
Senior(65+) / Solier/ Men of National Merit 4,000 won -

- Road Map

102, Bonghwang-ro, Yeonmu-eup, Nonsan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Republic of Korea


- Sunshine Studio

  • Pickup location : Hotel
  • Trip location : Sunshine Studio
  • Arrival : Hotel