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Vivaldi park ski resort

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Vivaldi park ski resort


Korea’s NO.1 Ski World, with more pleasure

The Ski world is the largest and most convenient ski resort, providing pleasant facilites and the best service.


Superpipe is a semi-circular structure made using the snow that allows you to practice various air, spin, and flip skills

The Korea's highest-ranking super-pipe company is helding the KOREA OPEN Half Pipe Competition and international competitions, and you can enjoy the best things to see and enjoy

Travel details

A vehicle for 1 day cost

- Vivaldi park ski resort

Round way -$450 (Up to 7 people can board) standard 1car / One way - $320 (Up to 7 people can board) standard 1car

* Rental and slopper ticket costs are separate.

* VAT is separate if cash receipt is required.

  • Pickup location : Hotel
  • Trip location : Alpensia Ski Resort
  • Arrival : Hotel


  • One of top 3 popular ski resorts
  • Only 1 - 1.5 hour drive from Seoul
  • Tons of entertainment facilities including karaoke, bowling alley, game arcade
  • Variety of restaurants/food court/snack bars